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MediaMan let you create and organize your own media catalog. MediaMan combines the capabilities
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He Shiming
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15 January 2006

Editor's review

MediaMan is a unique information management utility.
It has a highly intuitive interface and abundant features to make the management of your media files a most effective process. It functions as your personal media catalog manager. You can now categorize your collection of media files including music CDs/DVDs, movie CDs/DVDs, books and VHS tapes. It can automatically retrieve the media content from Amazon Web Service. You can add as many categories as you like for easy storage of your files and customize those adding descriptions and icons to each. It supports various image formats and resizes the images to fit your content viewing space. The interface is explorer-like which makes it look familiar to Windows users. It also supports multiple languages allowing you to store the descriptions in a language you need.
This tool is here to manage all your media files without any hassles or effort on your part.

Publisher's description

MediaMan let you create and organize your own media catalog. MediaMan combines the capabilities of managing all kinds of media, including books, DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, software and game titles. Managing a media collection is finally pain-free. With MediaMan, you can make use of the automated content retrieval function to create your digital catalog without typing. Keep an eye on borrowed and rental items with the status management feature. Plus, you can export your collection to web pages or even images to share with your friends.
Version 2.33.4
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User comments

John C
I have had MNediaMan for a while now and it worked well, for a while. Now for some reason it only works in certain circumstances. I have checked tih Microsoft,, and Norton and no one can seem to solve my problem. I am going to have to get another software as this is unuseable.
Good product, but does not work with IE 7. Once IE is upgraded to 7 I started getting several script errors everytime I try to do anything in the product.
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